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Margaret Anne Meacham, PhD, born in Edinburgh, Scotland in December 1959, came to America at a very early age. Her childhood was spent in Charleston, SC and her early adulthood was spent in Pascagoula (Gautier), MS. 

She completed a BS in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) from Mississippi University for Women (MUW) in Columbus, an MS in Physical Education (PE) from Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, an MBA from Texas Tech University (TTU) in Lubbock, and a PhD in Higher Education Administration from The University of Texas at Austin with her Dissertation in Authentic Leadership.

Margaret has coached swimming, diving, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, and softball, as well as been a collegiate volleyball referee. Her professional career led her into administrative positions of leadership in higher education administration. She has developed her leadership expertise through academic study and professional experience managing university dormitories, being a police officer, owning her own business, leading clinical practices for physician groups, and teaching MBA student workshops on Ethics and Executive Skills, as well as teaching upperlevel university courses on personal development and leadership development.

Margaret is Qualified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and provides presentations and consultations on MBTI, as well as presentations on Distinguished Leadership, Moral Courage & Courageous Principled-Action, Ethics, and Diversity in Leadership. Margaret is an INFJ, an intuitive idealist who uses teaching, consulting, and writing to assist other’s with their personal growth, professional development, and spiritual evolution.

Margaret is committed to creating a supportive, nurturing, and reciprocal teaching and consulting environment. Therefore, she encourages, welcomes, teaches, and consults for all regardless of their status within any affected group - age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, marital status, handicap, political affiliation, and/or religion.