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Transformative Action

Transformative Action: Applying Moral Courage to Courageous Principled-Action (working title)

Transformative Action leads us all into the next phase of leadership development. It continues the work of Distinguished Leadership and incorporates an emphasis on ethics, moral courage, and couregeous principled-action through the habit of engaging in Transformative Action. The purpose of this book is to learn what the right thing to do is and then act on that knowing. We’ll discuss ethical decision-making and how to apply these decisions to professional challenges. We’ll learn from other strong women who are Distinguished Leaders how they managed some of the immoral, unethical, and illegal situations they encountered in the workplace and how the use of Transformative Action helped them to make a difference. Additional topics include, but are not limited to:

Developing Personal Integrity

Avoiding Ethical Errors

Developing Compassion

Understanding People and Human Nature

Inhibitors of Moral Courage

Enablers of Moral Courage

Inhibitors of Transformative Action

Enablers of Transformative Action

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