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One day I was out at the mall talking with a complete stranger and she asked me what was I doing? When I shared with her that I was writing a book on leadership, she asked me: “is this a compilation of other people’s research or is it original work based on your own research?” Quickly I told her, “it’s my original work.” That just came out of me like my Spirit was channeling it through my Self because that’s not what my original book had been on. My original book was on leadership, ethics, and moral courage based on the research of many others in these fields. At the time, I thought it was based on the message that I wanted to get out.

My Book Reviewer at the time had an epiphany: she said that although this first book I’d written was great, perhaps I should write about what I was truly passionate about and clearly that was women’s leadership. Then from a strategic level, I could talk about ethics and moral courage in my follow-up book. I left that meeting with a new sense of excitement. I profoundly understood that women’s leadership was a driving force for me and a part of my life’s mission. In addition, women’s leadership was a more specific version of the message I wanted to impart. After all, there were too many books already out on men’s leadership and extremely few out on women’s leadership. This would be my niche.