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To Thine Own Self Be True! Leaders who know themselves and their value systems can live and lead authentically (genuinely), which promotes eudaimonia, harmony, flourishing, self-actualization, and the social good. Positive leaders make choices that promote their personal and professional development (self-actualization) and the personal and professional development of those around them (promoting the public good). They are not swayed or influenced by external pressures and expectations. They live their lives transparently (openly and honestly), which develops trust with and among those around them.

Living authentically allows positive leaders to develop levels of authenticity over their lifetimes. Authenticity is comparable to the leader's moral compass: being true to themselves, having a strong ethical value system, and exercising moral judgment while taking moral action, as well as using their own voice (and not the words of others) to convey their vision and message, which ultimately leads to followers understanding leaders' intentions.