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Moral Development
The foundation for all the positive leaderships is moral development, which refers to the life long process of determining appropriate and acceptable morals, and then acting upon this morality or system of conduct based on moral principles.

The preeminent researchers in the moral development field include Lawrence Kohlberg, PhD (1927-1987) with his Ethic of Justice and Carol Gilligan, PhD (1936 - ) with her Ethic of Care, as well as Martin L. Hoffman, PhD (1924 - ) who used the concept of Empathy to balance an Ethic of Justice and an Ethic of Care because he considers both vital to living a principled life.

Significant moral development concepts include, but are not limited to, values, virtues, character (integrity), empathy, hope, optimism, resiliency, self-efficacy, agency, motivating values, ethical philosophies, and moral action.

Moral Development