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Distinguished Leadership Model
Distinguished Leaders are motivated by their holistic view of the world. After developing authentically for many years, their focus turns toward their leadership qualities, leadership skills, leadership expertise, and leadership legacy.

Leadership Qualities include self-awareness, worldview, ethics, agency, transcendent values, intrinsic motivation, congruency, Spiritual Self, and genuineness (authenticity).

Leadership Skills include credibility, reputation, leadership style, leadership vision, confidence to act, and a focus on the social good.

Leadership Expertise includes expertise with people and with the development of an authentic culture...within their organization, within their profession, and within society as a whole.

Leadership Legacy promotes other's self-awareness, acceptance for all, realignment of values toward transcendent values, reciprocal relationships, set the standard, and passing it on.

Distinguished Leadership is not for everyone. It is a choice one makes early in life. Only those who choose to be self-aware, self-actualized, and who choose to focus on transcendent values will choose to be open and honest with themselves and others, which will distinguish them from other leaders. They are genuine, inspirational, influential, and focused on the social good.

Eagle Communications - Leadership For The Future