Distinguished Leaders Specialize in Positive Deviance

Positive deviance simply put is behaving the opposite of any dysfunctional behaviors supported, sustained, and maintained by group norms. They are specifically targeted behaviors designed to honorably, fairly, justly, and civilly defy imprudent, immoral, unethical, and illegal people, policies, and practices on a daily basis. They are deviant because they are unexpectedly positive behaviors that defy individual, group, professional, or institutional dysfunctional norms.

Examples of Positive Deviance include, but are not limited to:

• Being passionate and creative even when others aren’t
• Focusing on others even among the self-centered
• Actively and strategically opposing Groupthink
• Remaining loyal to principles, not the dysfunctional
• Deviating from collective rationalizations & excuses
• Remaining open-minded around the partisan
• Overcoming inertia by speaking up first
• Sharing your expertise with colleagues and detractors