Examples of Courageous Principled-Action

Examples of Courageous Principled-Action include, but are not limited to, Prosocial Causes, Transformative Movements, and Strategic Self-Sacrifice.

It is overcoming your fears, doubts, and sense of having done something wrong as you push forward against those who are misleading, redirecting, or choosing an unkind or unfair path for others to follow. It is standing up against the peer pressure, the loss of support, and the ostracism from colleagues or superiors as you defy immoral or imprudent orders. Taking courageous principled-action is based on conscience, principle, or philosophy where you’re standing up against the status quo even though you know that you’re going to have to face the disapproval of others who oppose you taking these actions. Taking courageous principled-action requires taking a stand, calling attention to yourself, and running the risk of being singled out in an unpleasant or public manner. Taking courageous principled-action to do the right thing cannot be taken lightly. There are consequences to standing up and doing the right thing, such as the anger of others, loss of status within the group, or being labeled a troublemaker. Having good intentions or being well-meaning is not enough. Action changes the world.