Distinguished Leaders Lead Transformative Movements

Transformative Movements are strategically engaged in by a collective of people on a larger scale. They transform the Spirit of the leader while transforming the Spirits of others. These movements always balance The Right and The Good while promoting the collective well-being. They are life-changing. Every movement is not about finding World Peace, yet each movement contributes to the transformation of the Self and the Spirit as we engage in moving toward World Peace, as well as Inner Peace.

Examples of Transformative Movements Distinguished Leaders engage in and/or lead include, but are not limited to:

• Initiatives that Improve Morale
• Initiatives that Improve Culture
• Shifted the Collective Mentality Toward Helping Others/Customer Service
• Prioritized People First/Profits Second
• Established Mentoring Programs
• Promoted Initiative/Ethics/Teamwork
• Initiated, Supported, & Maintained Community Outreach Programs
• Funded Scholarship Programs
• Funded Professional Development
• Modeled Transformative Action